Meridian Institute is a mission-driven, non-profit organization that has helped our clients and partners develop and implement solutions to complicated, often controversial problems—big and small, global and local—for over two decades.

We do this with an innovative approach that brings together three elements: our deep understanding of the issues at hand, as well as the people, politics, and power dynamics that surround them; our dedicated, expert team; and our ability to foster constructive discussions, manage decisions, and support actions that shape the world for the better. We work not only to shape meaningful consensus and action in the near term, but also to build our partners’ capacity for cooperation that often continues for years, even decades.

To apply for Meridian Institute's Ruckelshaus Fellowship, a two-year program for early-career professionals eligible to work in the U.S., please register for a Survey Monkey Apply account and indicate “Fellowship Applicant” on the eligibility questionnaire. Learn more about the Ruckelshaus Fellowship at

To help accomplish our mission, Meridian facilitates application and selection processes, including as interim Secretariat of the Lacuna Fund. Please find more information about the Lacuna Fund, including eligibility requirements and open RFPs, at

If you are ready to begin an application, please register for a SurveyMonkey Apply account and indicate “Lacuna Fund applicant” in the eligibility questionnaire.

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